Enhanced Storage Security

Powered by StorageDefender and Huffman Storage

Smart Unit Benefits

Why choose a smart self storage unit? See what “enhanced security” really means!

24/7 Monitoring

Each smart unit is equipped with motion detection. If any motion is detected inside your storage unit, the system sends a text message to the phone number you’ve provided.

Simple User Interface—NO App!

We’ve all got too many apps already, right? Your smart unit is controlled via a texting interface, so there’s nothing to download and no website to log into.

Connected Technology

Using A.I. and I.o.T. technology, our smart units convert physical activity in your storage unit to digital information. The system then processes this data, deploys rapid decision-making, and alerts you as necessary.

What is a Smart Unit?

When you keep your belongings in a self storage unit, it goes without saying you want them to be secure. In fact, it’s not just a want—it’s an expectation. If you thought it wasn’t secure, why would you choose it?

This is why our team at Huffman Storage offers state-of-the-art security with modern smart units powered by StorageDefender. Similar to Smart Home products such as Ring Doorbell or Amazon Alexa, Smart Units provide 24/7 connection to your belongings no matter your location. They offer motion detection, so any movement inside your storage unit will alert you. No one can enter your unit without you being aware!

Rest easy knowing you’re keeping your belongings somewhere more secure. Whether it’s important documents, sentimental items, or even business inventory, it’s more secure in a Huffman Storage smart unit!

Next Level Security

Always know your things are safe - Monitor your unit from anywhere!
Motion Detection

Know if anyone moves inside your storage unit

Real Time Alerts
Our smart units can provide 24/7 real time alerts to you instantly
Noise Deterrent
Our units are equipment with a noise deterrent system
Event Escalation

You can select your subscriber-specified escalation

Text Alerts
Get easy to use test alerts sent right to your mobile device

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